When It Comes to A/C, Size Matters

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When It Comes to A/C, Size Matters

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The size of your AC is important, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that bigger is better. While you don’t want an air conditioner that’s too small, you also don’t want one that’s too large for your home. Learn more about why size matters and how a Hudson heating and cooling company might be able to help you. 

Why Size Matters

There are a few key reasons your AC needs to be the right size. All of these factors could be compromised with the wrong size system.


The main responsibility of your AC is to keep your home comfortable. In addition to cooling your home, the AC should also dehumidify it. This makes your home a comfortable place to be in the best of summer.  

If your AC is too large for your home, it won’t be able to dehumidify it. Instead of running for a long time, your AC only needs to run for a short while. As a result, your system turns off before the humidity is gone. Unfortunately, high humidity can make you highly uncomfortable. 

A small AC may not cool or dehumidify your home. Because the system is too small to get the job done, your home won’t ever be comfortable. Your AC could run all day and still not achieve your set temperature. With the wrong size air conditioner, your comfort is on the line. You probably spent a lot of money on your home and deserve that level of comfort. 

Wear and Tear

Every air conditioner experiences wear and tear. However, your AC will experience excess wear and tear if you have the wrong size air conditioner installed. In the case of an oversized unit, the air conditioner turns on and off frequently. It may only run for a short time each session, but be on and off places a burden on your air conditioner. Over time, you may need frequent repairs and notice a shorter life span on your system.

If you have a system that’s too small, the consequences are even worse. The system needs to work extremely hard to attempt to cool your home, and even then, it will fail. After only a short time, you are likely to need a repair. There’s also a high risk of you needing to replace the air conditioner after only a few years. In the long run, getting an AC that’s not the appropriate size could cost you a significant amount of money.


As mentioned above, there is an added expense that comes with an improperly sized air conditioner. When you look at potential repair costs and the expense of a new AC, you can see how a poorly sized AC could cost you thousands. 

When you pick out your AC, you shouldn’t let the cost drive your decision. A reputable Hudson heating & cooling company can tell you more about the recommended size of your air conditioner and help you find one within your budget. Furthermore, they may offer financing plans that eliminate your concerns about the up-front cost. 

You should also consider your utility bills. With both over and undersized AC units, you can expect higher utility bills. The constant on and off of larger units comes with increased energy use, and the incessant running of smaller units has the same effect. 

If you have an appropriately-sized AC, it will be at optimal energy efficiency. For extra savings, you can pick a new AC that has a high SEER rating. This means it will be very energy efficient and give you lower utility bills. 

Air Quality 

Your indoor air quality correlates to your health. While you may already know that, you might not realize that your AC affects your home’s air quality. A system that’s too large can’t run for long enough to improve your air quality, and the high humidity could cause mold and mildew growth. As a result, you might be breathing in toxins. 

With a small AC, you risk the system not circulating the air well enough. Instead of pulling out particles from the air, your AC won’t do much to improve your air quality. Your air will be full of allergens and other unwanted particles. 

What’s the Right Size Hudson Heating and Cooling System for Your Home

By now, you may realize the importance of having an AC that is the ideal size for your home. But what exactly does that mean? If you need a new air conditioner, you can’t rely on Google to tell you how large your system should be. There’s no simple calculation you can do to pick the right size.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about doing math or finding some secret formula. When you hire an HVAC company for your AC installation, they consider several factors and tell you which size you need. For one, they look at the square footage of your home. They also look at the height of the ceiling, your insulation type, and your local climate. Other considerations include what’s under your main floor (basement or a slab) and the color of your roof. 

If you want to know which size AC you need, call us at flyby. We can examine your home and determine what size air conditioner is perfect for your home. Keep in mind that not every professional should be trusted with this task. At times, inexperienced technicians don’t give you the right advice. Before you decide to work with someone, check out their reputation. 

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