5 Tips For Lowering Your Heating Bill

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5 Tips For Lowering Your Heating Bill

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With the recent cold snap that's been hitting Western Wisconsin, it feels as though we'll never get warm. The only solution is to stay indoors and crank up the heat. Unfortunately, this means higher average costs in utility bills. Thankfully, we have some expert tips that could help you find the perfect balance between staying warm and doing what's best for your budget. 

Don't Let The Cold Air In

This one may be a bit obvious, but it's still incredibly important to remember. Making sure that you've removed any possible cold drafts will significantly reduce your utility bills, because your heater won't have to work as hard. Your attic, basement, crawlspace, doors, and windows will be the most common areas to have drafts. A useful resource we've found for reducing drafts is weatherstripping, which you can find at your local hardware store. 

Replace Dirty Air Filters

Replacing dirty air filters is important all year round. When dirty, air filters will reduce your heater's air efficiency and result in higher costs. So let's make sure those are regularly replaced! We recommend checking them every month, especially during the winter when your heater is working the hardest. 

Make Sure You've Gotten Your Winter Tune Up

We strongly urge all of our customers to get their winter tune up, ideally before the super cold months hit. This is because we want to make sure your furnace is prepared for the winter months, preventing anything from going wrong when it's below freezing outside. Often times, the minor improvements we suggest for your system when we inspect it will be far less expensive than a breakdown. As we regularly service and maintain your heating system, we'll be able to prolong its life and help it to have better cost and energy efficiency. 

Set The Thermostat Lower

It can be so tempting to crank up your thermostat and make your home a cozy escape from the cold outdoors. Unfortunately, doing so is incredibly expensive. We suggest setting it between 68-70 degrees for the most energy and cost effective results. You definitely don't have to make your home and icebox, but turning the temperature down a couple degrees will significantly decrease your utility bills. 

Use Ceiling Fans to Circulate Heat

This is a super easy tip that we love! Normally, ceiling fans rotate counterclockwise, cooling down your home's spaces. Luckily, most actually have a setting where you can reverse the direction that they rotate in. This creates an updraft, which will take the heat that gathers at your ceiling and circulate down to heat the room. This will help you be able to keep your home warmer without having to crank the thermostat up to expensive temperatures. 

Overall, there are many tips and tricks to saving energy in your home, and thus reducing your utility costs. We strongly suggest researching different ways to improve your home's energy efficiency or repairing your existing furnace. We're also always available if you have any questions or would like our expert opinions. We're only a phone call away at (715) 564-4328.