4 Tips for a Pet and Kid Friendly HVAC System

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4 Tips for a Pet and Kid Friendly HVAC System

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Your HVAC system is about more than just indoor comfort. It needs to serve the most vulnerable members of your family in a special way and this may require modifications and upgrades to provide the best for them. Here are four ways to make your HVAC system more kid and pet friendly so your home is healthier and more comfortable for these loved ones.


The right amount of ventilation cannot be overstated. Poor indoor air quality leads to all kinds of respiratory issues, developmental delays in children, and even affects mood. You need to remove stale, moist air and replace it with fresh outdoor air. Neglecting either one of these will cause problems for kids and animals, some obvious like allergies and others not so clear upfront like crankiness in kids and poor performance in school. Long-term issues resulting from overexposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) won’t show up until it’s too late to do anything.

Air Filtration

For even better indoor air quality, an air filtration system will protect kids, pets, and those with allergies from contaminants. In general, pet dander is the main reason for upgrading your filter or installing a separate air filtration system. This is particularly important if you have both kids and pets since kids can develop allergies over time. Your children should enjoy time with pets rather than have to suffer through allergies or deal with the tough situation of having to give them up entirely. Below is an infographic on the benefits an air purifier can provide!

Mix Hot and Cold Zones

If your kids have to endure temperatures that are too high or low for an extended period of time, this can cause other health issues. If your home has leaky windows, poor air distribution, or an undersized or poorly performing HVAC system, you need to address it to protect everyone, but especially little ones, from this issue.

The Right Humidity

Too much humidity causes one set of problems (bacteria, mold, dust mites, and other pathogens), and too little causes another (dried mucus membranes leading to increased risk of colds in kids and increased static). Having the right humidity year-round is something you can address with humidification in winter and air conditioning or a dehumidifier in the summer. Have a chat with a professional about your options for getting humidity right in your home.

Click here for a cool informational video on dehumidifiers and how they work!

If you need help getting the right HVAC system for your pets and kids, give us a call and we can help you show HVAC love to these precious members of your family!