5 Ways to Control Your Home's Humidity

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5 Ways to Control Your Home's Humidity


With the summer months finally upon us, the humidity of the midwest can feel suffocating at times. Walking out the door in the morning for work can feel like stepping into a sauna at times. Luckily, the luxury of Air Conditioning exists. But even with Air Conditioning, that humidity can still sometimes creep into the walls of our home. If that ever becomes the case, here are 5 simple but effective ways you as a home owner can keep your home comfortable and humidity free this summer.

Change Filters Regularly

Besides increasing your chances for exposure to dust and debris, a dirty filter can also trap moisture that will collect in your home's ducts. The result of this is increased indoor humidity, as well as the potential growth for mold and airborne bacteria that can be harmful to your health. Filters are easy to replace or clean, ideally every 1-3 months. 

Keep Your Damper Coil Clean

When your damper coil gets dirty, its ability to do its job efficiently significantly decreases. It won't be able to remove heat and humidity from your home, causing discomfort to everyone living in it. The average person wouldn't know where to find the coil, let alone clean it correctly. That's why we suggest calling one of our HVAC experts if your home is experiencing irregular levels of humidity, or whenever your system is due for a maintenance tune-up. We can locate and easily fix any problems related to a dirty coil, giving you the comfort you desire during these hot summer months. 

Stay on Top of System Tune-Ups

One of the best ways to avoid unwanted humidity in your home is making sure that your entire system is running efficiently. By doing those twice a year routine inspections, we can stay on top of any issues and help you avoid extra costs, as well as ensure that you are comfortable at all times. Our Stellar Performance Membership Plan includes to complimentary inspections per year, as well as many other amazing benefits. Give us a call today at 715-202-6828 to schedule your summer maintenance inspection and get more information on our Stellar Performance Membership Plan!- we'd love to have you be apart of the Stellar family!

Invest in House Plants

Did you know certain plants can actually absorb moisture and reduce your home's overall humidity? They're a cheap and easy investment, and can double as both a decoration and an overall improver of your home's indoor air quality. These types of plants are typically able to live in high and dry temperature environments, such as in deserts, because they are able to absorb and retain water from the air. Click here for an article on some of the best plants that reduce indoor humidity!

Keep Windows and Doors Closed

This one may seem obvious, but it's still very important to mention. Your system won't be able to run efficiently if windows are open, due to it having to work twice as hard to keep everything cool. Being vigilant about keeping everything closed will keep out the humidity, and allow the fan and AC unit to keep your home comfortable.