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If your home is no longer as warm as it should be, or your furnace has stopped working altogether, you may need to replace your furnace with a new one. Unless you have a background in furnace installation, replacing your furnace is a job best left to the professionals. By relying on our Hudson furnace replacement specialists at Stellar Techs, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your system is installed correctly the first time. We’ll ensure you receive a quality solution and make the process as easy as possible for you.

Call 715-564-4328 or contact us online to request a free estimate for furnace replacement or installation in your home.

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As you begin to feel a chill in the air this fall, you might be wondering if your furnace can make it another year. Perhaps you’re remembering that your furnace barely got you through last winter. If that’s the case, it would be wise for you to have your system inspected by our professionals. It might be that your system is only in need of some furnace repairs and maintenance. We can take care of that for you. Alternatively, it may be time to replace your furnace to ensure you don’t run into any emergencies this winter and that you’re not paying more for your heating bills than you should be.

You might need furnace replacement if you have any of these issues:

  • Your furnace is more than 15 years old
  • The furnace keeps cycling on and off
  • There is an unusual noise coming from the system
  • It isn’t warm enough inside your home
  • The furnace is leaking or smells odd
  • There’s an unexplained spike in your energy bill
  • Your furnace requires frequent repairs
  • Your home has uneven temperatures

It’s important to work with an HVAC professional that has the experience to accurately assess the issues with your furnace. Too often, companies will advise homeowners to get a new furnace before it’s necessary. With Stellar Techs, you can count on us giving you our honest opinion. If we think your system would be good to go after making some repairs, we’ll tell you. We will also let you know when it would be more cost-effective to replace your furnace right away.

We offer incredible financing plans for when you need to purchase a new heating system for your home. Contact us to apply!

Expert Advice on New Furnaces

When installing a new furnace or replacing an old one, Stellar Tech will make sure the system fits your home’s size and your lifestyle. New models also have a range of features to choose from. Our Hudson furnace replacement experts will help you decide which ones are right for you, so you get the system you want without paying more than you need. Once you’ve selected the furnace that suits your needs, we’ll make sure it gets installed properly and is set up for optimal performance. Be sure to ask about our furnace maintenance plans, which can keep your system in peak condition and extend its lifespan.


When trying to decide between a gas furnace and an electric furnace, homeowners should take into account several factors. Oftentimes it's a matter of what fuel is available, but there are a few points to consider as well.

Firstly, it is important to consider the cost of purchasing either unit. Electric furnaces are usually less expensive initially than gas models, yet they can be more expensive to operate in the long run due to the increasing cost of electricity. Gas furnaces may be cheaper for some homeowners as natural gas prices have been relatively stable compared to electricity prices. However, gas units have shorter lifespans (10-20 years) than electric furnaces.

There are other factors that need to be taken into consideration as well, such as effectiveness, durability and safety. Electric furnaces tend to be quieter and more durable with quicker installation times than their gas counterparts due to the fewer components required for their operation. Maintenance requirements are also lower in comparison with other types of heating systems because electric models do not rely on combustible fuels for energy production. Safety is an important aspect. Gas units must be kept in good condition since they burn natural gas which could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if not properly monitored or maintained.

Both types of heating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages that need to be carefully considered before making a decision.

Call 715-564-4328 for a Stellar Tech to ensure your furnace installation is done on time, the right way, the first time.

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